Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fig Street Studio Blog

I keep several blogs on the web where I post stories about art, Fig Street Studio, and whatever I feel like writing about. Wordpress is a place where I put up longer pieces, history of things I have painted, and whatever interests me. I even write short stories and post them there. Here is the link in case you want to stop in there-

If you look at my profile at this blog it will also list several other blogs I write at Blogger. One about Katrina and recovery, one about cooking, another on weddings and some just lists of my art like this one. Here though I also let Twitter post my Tweets. It keeps this blog cluttered up but also keeps me posted on what I say at Twitter.
I keep blogs on several places as in the begining I did not know what ones would last, like Geocities, after all these years it is closing up. If a blog would close then I would lose all I wrote. I think with several I may now be protected from losing something I may want to read later.

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