Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wine Art & Vintage Style Posters

The earliest archaeological evidence of wine yet found has been at sites in China(c. 7000 BC),Georgia (c. 6000 BC), Iran (c. 5000 BC),
 Greece (c. 4500 BC), and Sicily (c. 4000 BC). Wee been drinking wine for all of human existence, and art has existed along with it.

Lady Matisse with Red Wine Poster

The joy of wine has produced many human benefits not least is art. The beauty of vineyards and the winery has inspired many artists. Below are a few of the many art works I have done from the joy of wine and its production.

Vino- Wine Vintage Lady Posters

 Wine and art are so connected there is a museum of wine art:

 Even today, as in times past wine is combined with art. People are invited to drink wine and paint on canvas. Each given a chance to relax,drink wine, and paint. A fun past time that allows people to bring home a personal piece of art.

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