Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Black Cat Jazz Fest Posters

Black Cat Jazz Fest New Orleans Poster by figstreetstudio


 The Foundation claims to have trademark "Jazz Fest", which is a common phrase used for festivals all over the world. I seriously doubt it would hold up in Court. I am not rich enough to file suit. The Foundation has bullied printers, artists, and common folk with notice they will sue for use. Thus ZAZZLE  removed any design with the phrase and some with just the words, Jazz and Fest separately. Thus hundreds of my long term designs are no longer for sale there and at other places. I have revised some designs. And will revise more. I think the Foundation is not considering New Orleans heritage with those actions. But the common folk cannot fight back those overly rich folks.

New Orleans Jazz Music 2017 T-Shirt

New Orleans Jazz Music 2017 T-Shirt

by figstreetstudio

Chat Noir, edit text Poster

Fat Cat New Orleans Music 2017 Postcard

Dancing  to Jazz Music Orleans Poster

For years I have made my own Fest posters and settled on a black cat theme. So I have a cat in many designs. This year, 2016 I adopted an Art Deco style. I now have a large collection that I sell on my web pages. Take a look, its free to see.

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