Thursday, November 15, 2012

Support Small Business This Shopping Season

Jerry Schwehm, American Small Businessman
Support Small Business

 Now is the time to support small business. Many entrepreneurs have created small web based businesses selling all sorts of unique products. For over 10 years I have sold my art and graphic designs on cards, shirts, posters, magnets and more. I haven't become rich but I do make enough to justify my time applied to my venture. I hope to grow but I need my neighbors help. Shop with me this season. Gifts, cards, ornaments, art prints, and shirts can be found on the below likes to my Fig Street Studio shops on the web. Any questions e-mail me. I may have a design, some art, or idea that meets your shopping needs. Click the links below and see what I have at my shops on the web.

Fig Street Studio Home Page- artist information:

My art at Zazzle- cards and shirts you can add text too:

Fig Street Art Studio 


Top Picks

I have many prints and graphic designs for sale here at Zazzle and some original works still in progress at the studio. I am available to do commission work. See some of the portraits I have done on this page. Due to the extensive repairs from the hurricane I relocated my art studio after Katrina in a higher spot on the New Orleans North Shore while I seek a new studio.
After retirement I got back to what I always wanted to do paint and be creative. I began by going back and painting things I always intended to do but never had the time. Over the years I saved photographs of people, places, and things I said I would paint one day. I took a few art classes to help out and I now paint in acrylics. I paint things I like and see in a way that adds to them my style and experience. I find I still do not have enough time to paint all the images I have in my head, but I try to do a little each day. Hopefully some will get done as I see them in my mind and hopefully add enjoyment to the viewers life.
I have many of my paintings up to see on my homepage at , because of Katrina I slowed down painting to rebuild. If you see art there that is not here at Zazzle let me know and I will place it here too. Any questions about my art feel free to e-mail me. I am available for commission work see my Fig Street Home page for details..

My graphic designs at Cafe Press:

To the Fig Street Art Studio's on-line store at Cafe Press. Famous New Orleans Paintings and Graphic Art by New Orleans painter JK Schwehm. Prints can be signed after purchase e-mail for details.

Unique Gifts, Tiles, Prints and Shirts for adults and children: Creative gift ideas from Alliagtors to Zydeco. Louisiana art, Cajun, French Quarter and more nice gifts and shirts creatively designed. Get us to design one for your club or group. E-mail jerryschwehm (at)

My art at Fine Art America:

Jerry Schwehm

Pearl River, LA - United States
Jerry Schwehm - Fine Artist
Jerry Schwehm - Fine Artist

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