Friday, January 29, 2010

Cajun French for Who Dat

Cajun French for Who Dat on shirt-

With all the fuss about Who Dat? in the news I designed this Cajun French shirt for us in Louisiana. In fact I am the first to use the French for Who Dat on a shirt, so I guess I need to protect it with copyright and trademark before the NFL claims it too.
Cest Bon!
In mid December I received a letter from a lawyer saying to stop selling Who Dat as his client, the NFL had rights to it. They included the French version. I had to stop selling for a while as I researched the facts. As it turns out about 20 people since 1980 have registered Who Dat in several places and none have any real claim to it, especially in Cajun French. The phase I made up to represent Who Dat isn't the best French but it maintains the spirit of Who Dat. Now even a US Senator says Who Dat belongs to the people of Louisiana no corporations. So my shirts and gifts are back on sale. Follow this link to see them-

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